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February 26, 2011


Blackbringer (Dreamdark)Magpie Windwitch is not like other faeries, most of whom live in tranquil seclusion. When she learns that escaped devils are creeping back into the world, she travels all over with her faithful clan of crows, hunting them down. The hunt will take her to the great forest of Dreamdark, where she must unravel the mystery of the worst enemy her folk have ever known. Can one small, determined faerie defeat the forces that threaten to unmake the world? (Amazon product description)

Review by Jen Seegmiller

Highly original and extremely well-written, Blackbringer is an amazing debut novel. The faerie-filled forest of Dreamdark is as colorful and wondrous as the Jinn-crafted tapestry that gives it life.

If the cover art didn't tip you off, this book isn't the gag-me-sweet faerie world of little people who flit around and make things grow (there is one in the book, but you can't help but like her). It's the brilliantly conceived tale of Magpie Windwitch, granddaughter of the West Wind, who hunts devils that have been released back into the world by meddling humans who keep opening bottles hoping to have their wishes granted.

She's tough, she's good, and she's endearing from her foxlick to her crow feather skirt. Shannon Hale calls it a tremendous book, and I agree.

Market: YA
Language: Mild
Sensuality: Mild
Violence: Moderate- some frightening fantasy elements
Mature Themes: Death

Book formats:

To learn more about the author, visit: Liani Taylor


Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing book. I love Laini Taylor's stuff! And her pink hair. Thanks for this great review, Jen!

Unknown said...

Agreed! Loved this book, loved the sequel, LOVED Lips Touch!

And jealous of the pink hair . . .

Anonymous said...

Ooo...yes, LIPS TOUCH was wonderful. Paranormal romance on literary steroids. Loved it!!!