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December 2, 2010

TIME CAT by Lloyd Alexander, 1963

Time Cat (Puffin Modern Classic) (Puffin Modern Classics)Gareth's definitely not an ordinary cat. For one thing, he can talk. For another, he's got the power to travel through time - 'Anywhere, any time, any country, any century,' Gareth tells Jason. And in the wink of a very special cat's eye, they're off. From ancient Egypt to Japan, the land of young Leonardo da Vinci to the town of a woman accused of witchcraft, Jason and Gareth are whisked from place to place and friend to foe. Full of fun, excitement, and a good dose of history, here's a fantastic tale that grabs the imagination and takes it far and wide, on the adventure of not one but nine amazing lifetimes. (Amazon product description)

Review by Emily, high school student and bibliophile

I love this book so much, and I am sure that I cannot write a review that does it justice. But I will certainly try, since it's been one of my favorite books since I read it at the age of eight.

This is a book about a cat. A regular, ordinary cat, who just happens to have nine lives. Not in the ordinary sense, however. These lives are scattered throughout history, from ancient Egypt to Peru to the Isle of Man, where sea cats are considered extraordinarily good luck for a fisherman.

The cat's name is Gareth. His boy is called Jason, and Jason believes that his cat can do anything in the world. He's right, almost.

This book has an interesting format: There are nine stories, all of which are about different periods in history, at different places in the world. Jason and Gareth go sightseeing, as it were, to these places. It is obvious that Jason is only a bystander. After all, Gareth is a cat, and no one could be more important than that. As they travel, Jason learns much, about cats and about people.

Really, there isn't much more to say. It's brilliantly written. Those who are fond of cats will probably love this book for the fact that Lloyd Alexander loves them too. It shows in the way he portrays them. The writing is both hilarious and thoughtful, and the characters are unique. Basically, every time I go back and read this book, it shows me something new.

Market: Middle Grade
Language: Mild to None
Sensuality: None
Violence: Mild to Moderate
Mature Themes: Growing up

Book formats:
Time Cat (Puffin Modern Classic) (Puffin Modern Classics) (paperback)
Time Cat: The Remarkable Journeys of Jason and Gareth (hardcover)

To learn more about the author's books, visit: Lloyd Alexander

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liberavis said...

I love this book as well! Lloyd Alexander is an amazing author and a personal favorite. I never cease to be astounded at how he manages to place satire and wisdom into his works, even if they are "children's novels." I also like how he includes historical figures and jumps into a different spot in history.