As you read the reviews on Bookshop Talk, you'll notice that every review is positive. No, we're not a bunch of literary
pushovers who love everything we pick up; we just see no point in telling you about a book if we didn't like it.

Contact & Review Policy

Review Policy:

Anyone is welcome to review a book for Bookshop Talk! If you would like to tell our readers about your favorite books, please read the Review Policy below. Then we'll provide the "product description" from Amazon, as well as any links to the book and author, so all you have to do is write a few paragraphs (no shorter than around 200 words, and no longer than 600 words) about why the book is counted among your favorites, then fill out a content table with as much or as little information as you feel is necessary. The content table should be something like this: 

Market: (Adult Fiction, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Book, Nonfiction)
Language: (None, Mild, Moderate, Foul, or however you decide to describe it)
Sensuality: (None, Mild, Moderate, Don't recommend it to your mother, etc)
Violence: (None, Mild, Moderate, Keep a trash can close, etc)
Mature Themes: (depression, death, abuse, abandonment, or whatever)

Then send your review in the body of an email to If you would like to, include a little tagline to go after your name, such as "Becky - English Teacher, Gabby - High School Student, or Amy - who always has her nose in a book."

(Note: if you are under 18, please get permission from a parent before emailing us. And do not include your last name or any contact information other than your email address. Thanks!)

What we are looking for:
Except for books containing excessive smut, all traditionally published* books will be considered. However, we would like to steer clear of religious and political books.

**A note about solicited reviews: since this is a positive review only site, we're sorry to say that as much as we love free books, we can't accept books under the condition that they are reviewed on Bookshop Talk.**

*A traditionally published book is one that is produced and distributed at the SOLE EXPENSE of a major publishing house (those who pay an author an advance, such as Penguin, Random House, Little Brown, Bloomsbury, FSG, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, etc). This excludes any publisher that asks an author to pay even a small portion of the up front expenses (even if it is reimbursed), self-published or e-published books, or those produced by a "regional" publisher. Please, please don't ask us to review your book or interview you if your book doesn't meet these "traditionally published" qualifications. It makes us feel very mean to say no, but the quality of such books is so hit and miss that we feel we have to. Thank you!