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January 2, 2012


In this raucous tale, the Knight, the Duke, the Queen--and eventually the whole court--all try to lure King Bidgood from his cozy bathtub, but he won't get out! Will anyone be able to solve this problem? (Goodreads)

Review by Mattie Noall; Avid reader, Mother of 6, and aspiring author.

This book is one of my all time favorites. I first heard this book read out loud in a story time. I knew I had to have a copy of my own. It only has just over 250 words so is an easy book for kids who have a harder time reading but the words also are big enough to expand their vocabulary a little.

The pictures are by Don Wood and are very engaging and a lot of fun. We like to look through the book and see what new things we can see. I have also heard that the Paige looks like Don and Audrey's son. Don uses models for his pictures.

The funnest idea about this book is that after the whole court tries to get the King out of the tub, the one that actually does it is the little boy. My kids loved that it is a child that comes in a saves the day. Great book to read a loud.

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Anonymous said...

I have loved this book since I was little! The story is funny, and the pictures are astounding! I used to sit looking at it page by page, noticing the colors and shapes and seeing all the little details. Truly a wonderful book!

Anonymous said...

I love Audrey and Don Wood's work! They are a terrific team. This is my favorite of their fantastic books. Thank you for the great review, Mattie!