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June 14, 2013


We’re having a massive book giveaway between now and JUNE 24th in which you have the chance to win up to TEN FREE BOOKS of your choice, chosen from among the long list of books that have been reviewed on Bookshop Talk (including any books written by authors we've interviewed).

You can enter the drawing as many times as you want by doing one or all of the following, each of them worth one entry into a drawing:

1) Become a fan of Bookshop Talk on FacebookUnder the “Stay Connected” title on the right sidebar of this site, click on the Facebook icon, which will take you to our official Facebook page. From there, click on the “Like” button on the top middle of the page. (This is the process if you already have a Facebook account. If you don’t , you’ll need to sign up for Facebook first).

2) Follow Bookshop Talk on Twitter. Under the “Stay Connected” title on the right sidebar of this site, click on the Twitter icon, which will take you to our official Twitter profile. From there, click on the “Follow” button. (This is the process if you already have a Twitter account. If you don’t , you’ll need to sign up for Twitter first).

3) Follow Bookshop Talk using Google Friend Connect. Under the “Stay Connected” title on the right sidebar of this site, click on the “Join this Site” link and follow Google’s instructions from there.

4) Refer a friend to Bookshop Talk! Tell your friends (as many as you want) about Bookshop Talk, and if they Follow us through Facebook, Google, or Twitter, and leave a comment anywhere on our site that includes “My friend (insert name here) sent me,” we’ll not only give them an entry into the drawing, but you will get an entry, too! An easy way to do this is to click on one of the links on Bookshop Talk's right sidebar under "Tell your friends about Bookshop Talk" then be sure to tell them they need to comment after they follow us, and mention your name, so you can win some books. And they can win some, too, if they enter the giveaway.

5) Comment on any of our GAB BAG topics (after reading it, of course!) and include this phrase at the end "I want to win a book!" You can enter up to five times this way.

6) Submit a review of a favorite book (no matter how long ago it was published), and you will be entered into the drawing one time for each approved review. So raid your Goodreads reviews, blog, whatever, and send Bookshop Talk reviews of the books that you would like to recommend to others!

For instructions on how to format and submit your review, visit our Contact page here. To get your review approved, it must follow these guidelines and the book must not have been reviewed on this site before (please do a search on this site for a book you plan to review before submitting it). And please, please take note that the book must be published by a national publishing house (no self-published titles). As a reader, you might not be sure if it's self-published or not, but we can let you know if you ask. And no "erotica" books (sorry, Fifty Shades of TMI). 

So, how do you win up to TEN BOOKS??

To officially get your name entered into the drawing using the social media options, you need to leave a comment on THIS post, saying what social media links you are using to follow us (Facebook, Google, Twitter – any or all of them). You will then get one entry for each one of them (Please tell us your various user names if they aren’t similar to one another). If you have already been following us on any or all of these sites before today, just tell us in a comment and we’ll still count them each as a new entry into the drawing. So following us on all three sites will give you THREE entries!

BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART: If your name is entered TEN TIMES into the drawing (by submitting reviews and/or following us, etc.), then you AUTOMATICALLY WIN A BOOK! Yay!

In other words, if you get 100 of your friends to follow us and mention your name, you will automatically win TEN BOOKS!

The more friends you send here to follow us, the higher your chances are of winning!

Winners will be announced on Bookshop Talk Tuesday, June 25th! (You can enter your name into the drawing until June 24th, 11:59 pm US Eastern Time). You’ll need to come to the site on June 25th to see if your name is among the list of winners. From there, you’ll need to email us with your shipping information and the book/s you want us to send you—from among the list of books that have been reviewed on Bookshop Talk—and you’ll have lots of happy reading ahead of you.

We’re giving away a MINIMUM OF TEN BOOKS, so good luck!

*Crazy pandemonium disclaimer: To prevent any chance of bankrupting my sweet family, we are limiting the book giveaway to a possibility of 10 books per household, and up to 50 books in all for the giveaway*

*Disclaimer #2. Each book must be under the value of $20.*

*Also, if your name is drawn and you live outside the Continental U.S., we will send you an Amazon Gift Card for $15 US.*


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Amy Finnegan {} said...

Hey there, Anonymous . . . we'd love to enter your name into the drawing, but we don't know who you are :)

Can you please let us know? Thanks!

Lyn Merkat said...

Hello Bookshop Talkers, as for following....
....1.I'm on Facebook under kate Mergener.
2. On Twitter as @Gr8Apekat
3. GFC as Lyn Merkat
4. And I have sent in some reviews likely as Kate Mergener (Book Aficionado).
*I also have a recent review for Etiquette & Espionage here for possible posting:

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Thanks for the cool giveaway!

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Thanks for the chance to win...
great giveaway...

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Became a fan based on a recommendation from Brooke Clawson Carter - thanks for the good reviews! Lydia Sorenson

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I followed on Twitter (@dpeter4389) and posted on a bunch of Gab Bag posts. I have a bunch of goodreads reviews that I may e-mail in, if I can get my parents' permission. If I gave a goodreads link, would that work?

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My friend, Paul Williams, sent me. I am following on facebook (Paul E. Black). I'll share my reviews of several books from Pinterest.

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No, I'm not "Unknown." I tried to sign in using my Google account. I will try again.

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