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October 15, 2013

THE PIRATE AND THE PURITAN by Mary Clayton, 2007

1704 - Dangerous times, when the colonies of the Americas are threatened by Queen Anne's War. It is not the French but a pirate who captures Mercy Penhall, mute Puritan spinster. In fear for her life and virtue yet drawn to the captain in spite of herself, Mercy has unknowingly begun on a course of adventure, heartbreak that will test her courage to the utmost. Edmund Gramercy is an unwilling pirate, forced to join a hostile crew to save his life. He defies them to spare the lives of the vanquished and the virtue of the women. But the mute Puritan girl tempts him like no other. It is best to set her free and never see her again. Yet their paths cross again, then again. Can the impossible become possible for the pirate and the Puritan? (Amazon)

Reviewed by Francesca - high school graduate and huge book worm

I really liked THE PIRATE AND THE PURITAN because it had pirates and romance. I love how Mercy's and Edmund's romance happens and how it develops. Sometimes there scenes together get a little steamy but nothing bad. 

Edmund is not a typical pirate, in fact he is a reluctant one which makes his story even more interesting.  I also love Edmund's friend, Richard. He is humorous and charming. Kinda like Jack Sparrow. All in all it is a good read and romance.

Market: Adult Fiction
Language: mild
Sensuality: there are no sex scenes but there are a couple of scenes that get a little steamy
Violence: they are pirates so there is going to be fighting but there is nothing gory
Mature themes: The main character is kidnapped, beaten up and watched her mother's death

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