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March 22, 2014

THE GREEN AND THE GRAY by Timothy Zahn, 2004

For seventy-five years the Greens and the Grays have lived quietly among us in the shadows of New York, alien refugees from a war of attrition that utterly destroyed the rest of their kind. Passing as everyday citizens, yet with powers and technologies unknown to humanity, each group has long believed that they are all that remain of their old world and their terrible conflict. But now, to their mutual surprise, they have found each other, and the old hatreds and fears have once again risen to the surface. And each side is preparing again for war. (Amazon)

Reviewed by Emily, avid bibliophile

THE GREEN AND THE GRAY is one of my favorite books by Timothy Zahn. Set in New York City, sometime after September 11, it begins with a couple walking home from a play. They're arguing about it when a man accosts them and leads them to a dark alley, where they find, to their total surprise, a girl, who the man insists they protect.

Melantha Green is terribly afraid - and her fears turn out to be justified. Her family is willing to sacrifice her for peace with their enemies, the Grays.

Roger and Caroline Whittier are both unsettled by the strange behavior of the girl they've brought home. First Melantha vanishes for one night, then her pursuers seemingly fly through the air. The mysteries grow deeper and more complex with every turn, and the young couple struggles to understand the alien culture that they have been thrust into.

Meanwhile, relations between the Greens and the Grays worsen, and war threatens to break out in the streets of New York. And the only ones who can stop it are in hiding.

This is a wonderful story, with plenty of mystery to go around - a good read for those who like complex tales with plenty of action and adventure. Also, I really liked the surprising truth about the origins of the Green and the Gray.

Market: Adult Fiction
Language: Moderate
Sensuality: Mild/None
Violence: Moderate
Mature Themes: Revenge, forgiveness

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