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April 6, 2015

A POTION TO DIE FOR by Heather Blake, 2013

As the owner of Little Shop of Potions, a magic potion shop specializing in love potions, Carly Bell Hartwell finds her product more in demand than ever. But when Carly finds a dead man in her shop, clutching one of her potion bottles, she goes from most popular potion person to public enemy number one. In no time the murder investigation becomes a witch hunt—literally! Now Carly is going to need to brew up some serious sleuthing skills to clear her name and find the real killer—before the whole town becomes convinced her potions really are to die for! (Goodreads)

Reviewed by Griperang

I loved A POTION TO DIE FOR and now have to run out and get the second one so I can see what kind of trouble Carly will find next. One of the things that drew me to this book was the witch theme. As with other cozies I have read I love the small town where this takes place even the name is cute: Hitching Post. The underlying love theme of the town was cute. I enjoy Heather's writing as she keeps me guessing all the way to the end of the book. She will give you just enough clues so you think you may know who did it then she switches up and gives you another clue to you now think of someone else. I loved all of Carly's family from her crazy mom, quiet dad, mean Aunt Marjie, bickering Aunts Eunice and Hazel to her cousin Delia. We must not forget Dylan who is Carly's ex. I really liked him as well. I hope to see Carly's relationships with Delia and Dylan grow as the series goes along. Yes there were a few characters I did not like. Johnny Braxton, Coach and John Richard Baldwin. If you are a fan of cozy mysteries or fun witch stories then be sure to pick this book up. 

Market: Adult Fiction
Language: None
Sensuality: None
Violence: Mild
Mature Themes: Death

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