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January 14, 2011

PEGASUS by Robin McKinley, 2010

Because of a thousand-year-old alliance between humans and pagasi, Princess Sylviianel is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own Pegasus, on her twelfth birthday. The two species coexist peacefully, despite the language barriers separating them. Humans and pegasi both rely on specially-trained Speaker magicians as the only means of real communication. But its different for Sylvi and Ebon. They can understand each other. They quickly grow close-so close that their bond becomes a threat to the status quo-and possibly to the future safety of their two nations. New York Times bestselling Robin McKinley weaves an unforgettable tale of unbreakable friendship, mythical creatures and courtly drama destined to become a classic. (Amazon product description)

Review by Jessica Day George, Young Adult and Middle Grade Author

A new Robin McKinley book is always a rare treat, and this is a treat with extra chocolate on top. Her writing is so elegant, it brought me to tears in places. This book is as delicate and beautiful as the brush of a pegasus wing across your face.

She made me feel the brush of the pegasi's feathers, the warms of their silky hides. I could smell the grass and the flowers, hear sound of hooves and the crash of swords in the practice yard.

I became so immersed in this book that all day since I've finished it I keep reaching for it, remembering that I'm done, and feeling disappointed. My only consolation is that it's actually just the first of a two book series (or really, just a long book that was broken into two parts), and soon I will be able to go back to the land of Sylvi, youngest daughter of the gentle king and fierce queen, and Ebon, her pegasus.

Market: YA Fantasy
Language: none
Sensuality: none
Violence: mild
Mature Themes: Conspiracy, bad magic, keeping secrets from your parents.

Book formats:
Pegasus (hardcover)
Pegasus (e-book)

To learn more about the author, visit: Robin McKinley


Kim said...

Robin McKinley's BEAUTY was one of the first books I ever read that I truly LOVED! I wanted to be Honour/Beauty sooooooo much. I love McKinley's stuff, and I'm adding PEGASUS to my To Read list! Thanks for the excellent review!

Amy Finnegan {} said...

This one sounds so good (and what a cover!) that I am tempted to bump it to the top of my reading list! First, must finish novel that is taking me WEEKS to read (THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN). Too long, but really interesting :)

Shawna said...

Robin McKinley is such an amazing author that I haven't picked up in a few years....this one sounds like it needs to be added to my list!

Oh, and The Idea Room sent me.....